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JbeeH Print Shop

...a dream come true!

Fine Art Prints NOW Available!!!

I am SO excited to fulfill this dream of mine.


For years, I have imagined offering fine art prints and stationery, using photos and artwork as

I have always done. Making, creating, imagining... Because I am an artist. There, I said it. Haha.

It thrills me to no end to make these works available to add beauty to your home!

Limited collections rotate monthly / seasonally.

Original Mixed Media Art available periodically in limited quantities.

Follow me on social / subscribe to my blog for sporadic FREE downloads!

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

In the meantime, add your name/email to be notified when the JbeeH Print Shop is OPEN!

My family tree is filled with artists and people who value the arts.

Paintings, photographs, illustrations, embroidery, set designs, jewelry, etc.

I feel lucky to count myself among their numbers,

proudly carrying on their creative legacy and encouraging it in our littles.

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