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Raise your hand if getting photos scheduled for your family intimidates you...

As a mommy of three, I totally get it!

The scheduling, outfits, logistics, and potential fall-out of cranky attitudes is a lot to manage.

And then there's the time commitment...will the family even cooperate the whole time?!

Let's make a deal!

You get on my schedule for a mini-session and let me take care of the rest.

We will walk. We will visit. We will giggle.

We will bribe with snacks or treats if needed.

Time will FLY (as its known to do while you're having fun) and before you know it,

you'll be leaving with your happy crew; a beautiful gallery headed your way sooner than later.

It really works! Clients come back year after year, excited to see Ms. Jenny and ready to "get it over with". Hahaha.

One such family has a mantra started by Dad and adopted by both boys, "15 minutes, once a Year...for Mom."

Mini-Sessions are offered seasonally on scheduled dates. 
Fall 2023 is booking NOW!
HERE to claim your spot!
Each image will open its specific location booking site.

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