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Fresh 48 + Newborn

Few things bring me greater pleasure than meeting a baby mere hours or days after their birth.

Seriously, the SMELL of a new baby's head! The teeny weight of them in your arms.

The way Mom and Daddy are gazing at baby...and at each other.

It all makes me SWOON and I am eternally grateful to share those moments with you.

Fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital room, preserving tiny details before they start to change. 

We are able to celebrate and capture the MAGIC filling your hospital room and it is glorious.

This can be a great time for older kiddos to

meet their new sibling and / or grandparents

to come celebrate the new addition.

NICU requires special permission, however, it also yields emotional and priceless celebration of a fleeting time.

Newborn sessions happen within

the first few weeks of baby's life,

focusing mainly on lifestyle photos at home

with some posed and detail shots in the mix.

Using baby-led posing, we allow the session to

progress organically while I snap away.

Don't worry about a perfectly clean house!

I can move things out of frame as needed and often

avoid them altogether. Even a small amount of space

with good lighting can work for portraits!

I can offer newborn sessions on location per client request!

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