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Babies + Children

It's cliché for a reason...

babies don't keep!

They change so slowly (and quickly!)

that you don't notice

until it has already happened!


Every age and stage.

Milestones and mundane moments.

Posed and candid.

Squishy thighs. Gummy Grins.

Dimply Hands. Delicate curls.'s a golden haze of memories.

Let them be little.


Children are my favorite

challenge in photography...

earning their trust and their comradery is a privilege and worth the effort!


we laugh -- we wiggle -- we wander

we observe -- we chat -- we grin


They even become my helper!

My goal? To capture their authentic personality and preserve the little

details that make them uniquely themselves in each age / stage. 

Wiggly Teeth. Silly Dances.

Boisterous Laughter. Lanky Limbs.

The days are long but the years are short!

I come ready to play while I work

with games in mind, toys on hand, and noisemakers at the ready.


No judgment. No frustration.


I sincerely adore babies and children.

They bring me joy and I am grateful to be their "Ms. Jenny". 

Watching them grow up in front of my camera is a privilege that I do not take for granted.

It's just amazing how they keep getting older while I haven't aged a day... (ha.)

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