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Why "J bee H"?...

When I was in college, Babaloo sent me this picture of his former business logo that he had enlarged and colored by hand with a yellow the age of 90! He was proud of his heritage and he wanted us to be proud, too.

JBH.  Jenny Bianchi Harvard.


My maiden name is Italian. My Daddy's father ("Babaloo") was a first-generation Italian-American. Bianchi was apparently not easy for people to pronounce, so he created a graphic to help them along... Bee-ON-key!


In choosing a name for my business so centered around my love of family, I thought it fitting to slip in a little heritage.

I am both a Bianchi and a Harvard... Jenny Bee-on-key Harvard 


I am blessed by family and have had the privilege of knowing my grandparents for most of my life. Until I was 29, I still had all four grandparents just a phone call away. Just recently, I lost my maternal grandmother, Nannie. It's not easy to lose people that we love.

Knowing they have shaped who we are helps us keep their spirit alive.


I am a living legacy. We all are.

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