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As a photographer, I strive to capture your unique family

in a gallery of photos that highlights its beauty, humor, and LOVE.

I want my clients to have as much FUN in front of my camera as I do behind it, so we take time to

enjoy each session without putting too much pressure on anyone to find a perfect pose.

Often, my favorite images come from the "in between moments" that you didn't even realize I noticed.


I ADORE watching families grow up in front of my lens!


For this reason, I am comfortable with and passionate about capturing every facet of family life.

From in-home lifestyle sessions capturing a typical day all the way to

birth story sessions that document one of the most important days of your family's life.

...Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Babies, Children, Tweens/Teens, Seniors + Graduates...

More traditional portraits to freeze each age and stage as it comes are available, too.

Click each photo below for more examples.

Or take advantage of the portfolio list in the menu.

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