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Welcome, friends!

I'm so glad you're here.

Hi! I'm Jenny.


Natural-light family lifestyle photographer and

passionate "memory preservationist".

Located in Madison, Alabama.

Proudly serving North and Central Alabama, plus

Southern Tennessee.


I'm a lifelong "shutterbug" who has absolutely no shame

and "zero chill" when tempted by the perfect shot.

I have a vivid imagination that makes books come alive,

but also keeps me away from Lifetime movies.

I'm a history nerd, I love musicals, and I love to read.


I sincerely believe that any day without laughter

or snuggles is a day wasted.


Hope you enjoy my site. Please contact me with any questions. Can't wait to meet you!

The "buzz" from clients...

"Jenny!! You are a wizard! These are fabulous."
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